Red Teaming


Red teaming is a security evaluation based on intelligence that is used to extensively audit an organization's cyber resilience, as well as threat detection and incident response capabilities.

Ethical hackers undertake red teaming by simulating the conditions of a real cyber-attack by employing the same tactics, methods, and procedures as criminal adversaries. This guarantees that engagements are as realistic as possible, testing the effectiveness of technology, humans, and procedures to the fullest extent possible. Engagements are usually conducted over a longer length of time than other assessments - often weeks, but sometimes months.

Why Red teaming?

It uncovers all the attack vectors that attackers could exploit
It demonstrates how attackers could penetrate your system
It provides insight into your organization's ability to prevent, detect, and respond to threats
It identifies the outcomes of an attack
It builds scopes for improvements and deploys new solutions


  • Evaluate readiness to defend against genuine cyber-attacks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of security technology, people, and processes
  • Identify and classify a wide range of security risks
  • Improve the effectiveness of detection and response procedures
  • Discover weaknesses missed by other forms of testing
  • Address risks and mitigate vulnerabilities
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Hossain Alshedoki


Associate Director at KPMG (KSA)

“Thankyou Shubham and CyberHunterz Team for creating excellent product for our one of the biggest CTF competition in KPMG, Saudi Arabia. Without your expert support this event was not possible.”

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Atul Goswamy

@Atul Goswamy

IT Manager at TCS

“Took professional trainings from lot of organisations but the quality of corporate penetration testing program was awesome with Cyber Hunterz, it helped me and my colleagues to work efficiently and all our VAPT Projects and increase our productivity.”

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Sunil Kumar

@Sunil Kumar

Assistant Vice President at HDFC Bank

“It was amazing experience in this proficient cyber security training. It helped me a lot to aware my staff against cyber frauds and deal with critical cyber security threats in a bank.”

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Jay Park

@Jay Park

Director at Shanda

“Must say very punctual team of professionals it's been great time in working with you, looking forword for some more projects ahead.”

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Henry Instigator

@Henry Instigator

Operation manager at Jwone Media llc

“Excellent work done by the team for all my VAPT and Red Team Exercises, they exactly know the pain point of the customer. High quality service and reports are delivered by Cyber Hunterz.”

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